About me

Using the practice of listening through touch and
paying attention to what the body is saying,
brings an awareness of who we really are and
the possibility of change.
A conservation wetland at Church Farm.

My Craniosacral Development

I have always been committed to professional development. My postgraduate training has included Working with Babies and Children, Trauma Work and Body Psychotherapy.

I am a member of the disciplinary committee of the Craniosacral Therapy Association and am one of their accredited supervisors.

My Approach

I qualified in 2001 at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London. My practice integrates Craniosacral Therapy and body psychotherapy. Craniosacral Therapy is underpinned by a knowledge of anatomical structures and physiological processes. Body psychotherapy pays attention to the body’s expression of emotional trauma through somatisation, where emotional pain may manifest as a physical symptom.

About me

I come from a farming family who have lived and farmed in Dunton since 1886. For 20 years I followed in this tradition as an arable farmer, with a particular interest in conservation, which I have maintained. In keeping with my farming background, I am passionate about growing and cooking my own food and raising my own animals. I have always been interested in alternative approaches to health. I have practised yoga, tai chi, chi kung, meditation and group work.

I am married with four children.


My other interests include flying kites, surfing, world music and singing and performing sacred choral music.