Babies and Children

Treatment for your baby
Babies respond very well to treatment. They instinctively ‘know’
what they need. It is our task to listen and enable them to self regulate.
They tend to respond more quickly than adults and usually need
fewer treatments.

Time and Place


Church Farm, Dunton
Mondays and Fridays
8.00am to 4.00pm
Tel 01767 313 839

The Wyndham Centre, Baldock
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9.00am to 4.00pm
Tel 01462 893 586


First session 1 hour
Subsequent session ½ hr (for babies only)


£45.00 for first visit
£30.00 for subsequent visits (for babies only)

Birth and Trauma

How we are born can set a pattern for our lives. Unresolved difficulties from development in the womb, from birth and infancy can be the root cause of physical and emotional problems in later life. Medical interventions during pregnancy and birth are some time essential to save lives, for mother and baby, but may also contribute to physical and emotional distress for both. Fortunately babies are very robust and are ‘designed’ to self regulate and heal. They just need a little help at times. However, if you feel at all concerned about your baby’s health you should always seek medical help from your doctor. Craniosacral Therapy should complement any other treatments you choose for your child not replace them.

Children and Treatment

HesterWe all can struggle with stress, children included. Starting and coping with school, moving school, handling exams, dealing with family dynamics are all potentially difficult and stressful.

Children can get overwhelmed and start to lose the capacity to cope, to self regulate. The calm relaxing effect of a treatment can be really beneficial for children.